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Here’s a roundup of healthy aging resources to get your 2016 off to the right start!

Preventative medicine (including a list of the preventative services Medicare covers)

EasyLiving’s Senior Nutrition post, with specific nutrition tips and how to eat healthy on a budget

Want to live to 100? Florida Hospital’s Healthy 100 program educates and inspires people to adopt healthy lifestyle changes. It is based on eight proven principals of healthy aging and longevity. Check out the longevity calculator to get your estimated life expectancy and personalized tips/resources, as well as their apps to make healthy living easier while on the go!

CDC resources on healthy aging: a trusted source for quality health information for seniors; CDC’s healthy aging program

Great apps for healthy aging

Fitness: Endomondo

Start by taking a fitness test to assess your fitness level, and the app makes a suggested plan based on your favorite forms of exercise. The app uses GPS to track fitness activities. The “virtual trainer”, Endo, will check in during the workout to tell you to pick up the pace (or that you’re doing better than usual).

Nutrition: Noom Coach

Noom helps you keep a food diary, using their extensive database of food nutritional information. It then suggests simple changes you can make for a healthier lifestyle. Upgrades include a virtual support group and resources, or a personal coach in the pro version.

Brain Health: Lumosity

Lumosity is full of fun games designed to improve attention, memory, problem solving. Set aside 15 minutes three times a week to do these games based on neuroscience.

Sleep and Relaxation: Check out this list of 2015’s best sleep and insomnia apps. We personally love Relax Melodies for creating a calm environment and blocking out background noise at any time.


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