respite care in tampa bay and clearwater

As a caregiver of an aging loved, you may find yourself in need of respite care in Tampa Bay. What exactly is respite care and when can you use it? Why is respite care in Tampa Bay helpful for both long-distance caregivers and those that live right in Tampa or Pinellas County? What will respite care in Tampa Bay cost and what are some good resources for finding respite care in Tampa Bay?

What is respite care?

Respite simply means a short period of rest/relief. Respite care is designed to give caregivers a much needed break. Respite care can be provided on a regular basis, such as having a professional caregiver come to your home to stay with your loved one and help out once/week or your loved one going to adult day care a few mornings each week. Or, respite care can be a one-time or occasional resource for a specified break. So, perhaps you need to go on a trip, get surgery or simply have a break for a few days…you might hire a home health company to come in and take care of your loved one for five days or your loved one might stay at an assisted living facility for a couple weeks.

Typically respite care takes the form of: a home health caregiver who comes to you, a short stay at an assisted living or nursing home, or adult day care.

When would a caregiver or client need respite care in Tampa Bay?

  • When the caregiver needs to take a trip, get surgery, or otherwise be unavailable for a short time.
  • To take occasional breaks and take care of one’s own health and well-being.
  • To maintain family harmony and allow caregiver and care recipient some separation.
  • To ensure a caregiver living in Tampa Bay can still get out and do activities.
  • To continue working while assisting with caregiving for a loved one.
  • To more effectively manage the tasks of caregiving and do the best job caring for your loved one.
  • For a client who’s family lives out-of-state but who wishes to remain in Tampa Bay, respite care can help after surgery or during an illness (or become more regular caregiving to support the elder to stay safe).
  • You came to visit your loved one in Tampa Bay and need to return home, but have some remaining tasks to help your loved one or feel that some additional safety/support is needed.
  • Retirees who visit Clearwater, Dunedin or Belleair Beach for extended vacations or to live during the winter months (“snowbirds”) may find themselves needing respite care in Tampa Bay to help with a variety of tasks. A caregiver can come in after surgery or when you aren’t feeling so well to help with personal care and household tasks. A caregiver can provide transportation to your doctors’ appointments, chemotherapy or PT sessions, and errands. A respite caregiver can help you set up the home before arrival, stock groceries, etc.

What will respite care in Tampa Bay cost me?

There are various options for respite care in Tampa Bay, with different costs. Here’s a great overview from our Aging Wisely colleagues about the costs of respite care in Clearwater/Tampa Bay, outlining different options and tips. The prices may have changed slightly, but this gives you a good idea of how much you will spend on various respite care options.

The important thing to know is that respite care in Tampa Bay can be affordable…and tailored to meet your needs. For many of the situations listed above, a home care company like EasyLiving can create a plan to fit your particular needs that will match your budget. You can stay right in the comfort of your own home too!

To reduce the stress of your experience with respite care in Tampa Bay (or anywhere!) and get the best “bang for your buck”, click here to get our respite care checklist. A free resource from our experts, this respite care checklist offers simple tips to have the best experience. After all, there’s no point in getting a rest if you’re stressed out the whole time and come back to more problems than you left behind.

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