Overcoming the Most Common Objections to Getting Help from a Home Health Caregiver

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EasyLiving Home Care is often your first step to entering the world of long term care.  We make the process as easy as possible.

How do you know when EasyLiving home care makes sense?

  1. Multiple hospitalizations and/or your loved one still needs help after Medicare Home Health stops services.
  2. Your loved one experiences poor eating habits and feels the consequences of poor nutrition.
  3. Day to day activities are a struggle. One of the first routines to go is the ability to change the bed sheets (stretching the bottom sheet to fit the bed takes significant strength and coordination).
  4. Medications are getting confused or worse yet, not being taken properly and leading to health issues.
  5. Multiple doctors’ appointments and the inability to communicate issues succinctly and hesitation about revealing how tough the day-to-day activities really are.

EasyLiving has found the #1 objection by a loved one to accepting help is concern over how they will entertain the caregiver while he/she is in the home.  The duty of graciousness and politeness is ingrained into many of our clients – a wonderful trait!

At EasyLiving Home Care we have solved this issue by developing a comprehensive care plan outlining step-by-step instructions and tasks for the caregiver to accomplish while in the home.  The care plan is very specific – from identifying how the client wants household chores completed to how many sugars they want in their coffee.  This working care plan limits the client’s need to provide specific instruction and worry about what the caregiver is going to do with their time.  It is a win- win for both the client and caregiver while providing a metric to measure the success of the visit.

The #2 objection to home care is the concern of having a stranger in in the home.

At EasyLiving Home Care we work closely with the client and family to ensure the caregiver we introduce to them is the right caregiver for them.  We reinforce to the client and family that if it isn’t a fit for them, let us know, and we will be able to find a great caregiver they will enjoy. Our Client Care and Safety Coordinator also does in-home visits to supervise and coach the caregivers and spot any potential areas for improvement; ensuring quality of care, a good match and removing the burden from the client to point out concerns. Read more about our unique home health quality assurance measures here.

The 3rd most common objection to home care is the fear they cannot afford the care.  The average cost of caregivers through an accredited, fully insured, bonded and licensed private duty company like EasyLiving Home Care is $22.00/hour.  EasyLiving Home Care is proud to state we have maintained our hourly rate of $20/hour since the day we opened our doors in 2005.  Our advanced technologies have enabled us to develop incredible service and training, while maintaining our reasonable price.

What are some ideas to overcome the fear of the cost of home care?

  1. Introduce your loved one to 3 hours a week of home care to assist with the basics of cleaning, laundry, changing the bed sheets, and a home cooked meal.
  2. Supplement family caregiving from time to time so that respite care becomes easier, provides some new socialization for your loved one and gives the full-time caregiver some downtime.
  3. Personal hygiene is a tough activity for any of us to need help with, especially having our son or daughter see us naked and all the related dignity issues.  Introduce a professional EasyLiving caregiver, much like hospital care, to assist with bathing, hair washing, and other personal grooming that will enable the client to feel better about themselves.
  4. At EasyLiving Home Care we are very successful in putting your long term care insurance to work for you.  We will help you understand the elimination period, level of care required, and help you negotiate obtaining the coverage you need.

We’ve also done the math for you: check out our article The True Costs of Home Caregivers for a better understanding of cost comparisons, ways to save money and how to pay for care.

Our Senior Care Consultant provides a free needs analysis to help you talk through these concerns and identify if and when EasyLiving Home Care is right for you. Contact EasyLiving online or at 727-447-5845.