Best of Home Care Provider of Choice

Our EasyLiving team is serious about quality assurance and continual improvement in home healthcare. We work closely with an independent quality assurance company, Home Care Pulse, to monitor how we are doing on key measures. Once again this year, EasyLiving has been named a Best of Home Care agency. Home Care Pulse surveys our clients and caregivers to get specific feedback on how we are doing in various areas, such as how our management staff supports our caregivers and how our caregivers serve our clients in terms of everything from knowledge to timeliness and appropriateness of dress. This continual feedback allows us to spot areas for improvement immediately. Our team reviews this feedback every month and makes changes as needed.

We are particularly pleased to have achieved the Best of Home Care Employer of Choice award for 2014. Our mission is to create environment where we set our team members up for success empowering them to provide the best in home care to the community. This mission dictates our every day decisions, as we focus on how we can set up our caregivers for success. It is good to see that we are achieving this mission, though we consider it to be a work-in-progress. By providing the best support to our caregivers, they then achieve the best quality care for clients, as reflected in our Best of Home Care Provider of Choice award.

The process we use to achieve our mission is to hire, train and support our caregivers in the best ways possible. We start with a stringent hiring process (in addition to the usual background checks, we require a 90% or better score on the home health test and use an assessment to ensure a good fit for our team and this type of work). After finding a caregiver who has great potential, they become part of the EasyLiving team through our unique orientation process. This is also the time when we get to know our new team members and their specific skills and strengths. Here’s one of the fun photos we take at orientation, where caregivers show off some of the diverse things they bring to our clients:

EasyLiving home caregivers in Pinellas County

Unfortunately, in the senior care industry, support often fizzles out after that. We decided from the start that we would do things differently. For example, we provide a regular schedule of in-house training and we pay our caregivers for time to attend. We also give them special reward points for attending training sessions (and other positive qualities/behaviors, like helping out with an extra shift, getting great feedback from a client or referring a friend to EasyLiving for employment). Because our mission revolves around our human resources, we put a lot of time and effort in to developing our people. We have a Human Resources Recruiter as well as a Client Care and Safety Coordinator (who conducts field visits) in addition to our Staffing Director and Director of Operations who are focused on developing and supporting the best team. Read more about our caregiver team support.

If you would like to know more about our mission and the ways we work to achieve it, check out our Executive Director, Alex Chamberlain sharing a message about our home health mission.

You can also check out our previous article on our Home Health Quality Assurance measures, in which we share why we collect this feedback, what we do with it and questions you should ask when hiring a home health agency.

To experience our top quality home care for yourself, give us a call at 727-447-5845 or visit our “Become a Caregiver” page for career opportunities with EasyLiving.