About half of seniors who live alone report feeling lonely on a regular basis. When it becomes difficult to get out and about, elders may become socially isolated.

Unfortunately, loneliness and social isolation can have devastating effects. They are associated with a higher risk of death in seniors. Feelings of loneliness have been linked to cognitive decline, depression, higher blood pressure, and poor overall physical and mental health. Nutrition suffers as elders living alone lose interest in cooking and eating by themselves. Social isolation and loneliness are major predictors of nursing home placement.

The companionship and support of an EasyLiving caregiver reduces loneliness and encourages an active life. Your quality of life improves, and it may even increase the quantity of your life!

EasyLiving caregivers offer:

  • Conversation and companionship
  • Help with outings and travel: planning (and modifying) activities, providing transportation, and making sure you’re comfortable and have the help you need
  • Fun activities in the home based on your interests
  • A partner in staying fit and healthy: encouraging you to maintain your exercise/rehab. routine, taking walks together, keeping your body and brain active

We match you with quality caregivers trained in communication skills. With an understanding of your background and routine, your trusted EasyLiving companion enriches your life.

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