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Home healthcare conjures up images of medical and nursing interventions in the home. You may think of home healthcare as assistance received after surgery or a hospital stay…a nurse coming to change your bandage or take your vital signs or physical therapy in the home. Home healthcare today is so much more than medical services provided at home, and has evolved into compassionate home health care to support older or disabled individuals to live on their own.

The term aging-in-place has become in vogue to describe this desire to age in our own homes and the support needed to do so. Beyond just the clinical skills needed in traditional medical home health care, today’s compassionate care involves holistic care for a person at home. Safety support means fall prevention and good personal care. Your health encompasses proper medication management, good nutrition and getting appropriate exercise. Companionship and activities are essential to mental and social well-being. EasyLiving has even developed a Senior Concierge Program to help engage elders in activities outside the home, whether it be going to the symphony or taking a day trip or extended vacation. When you look at home healthcare from this holistic viewpoint, you realize compassion, empathy and other personal characteristics are essential for home health caregivers.

What does EasyLiving mean when we say we provide compassionate home health care?

  • Personalized care plans designed with empathy for the person and their situation; support to live your life the way you wish.
  • Dignified, compassionate home healthcare with the “little touches” to make life easier and better. Our caregivers make things simple, make life more pleasant and add value to your life with companionship, caring and warmth.
  • Compassionate home care is designed for those who enjoy their privacy and individual preferences. A caregiver can be brought in to help with specific needs, run errands, provide transportation and more while you’re able to remain in your private home surrounded by your belongings and memories.
  • Compassionate home healthcare evolves to meet your needs. As you need more care, you can get additional support in the home and even bring in hospice to ensure palliative care at the end of life. EasyLiving has worked with many clients over time, all the way through providing support to hospice care.
  • Experienced, trained caregivers who can provide the best support to you and are as prepared as possible. Most importantly, home caregivers are screened and selected for their personal qualities such as empathy, dedication and attention to detail. Our staff matches the right caregiver to the client, not only to the tasks.

To talk to our Senior Care Consultant about EasyLiving’s compassionate home caregivers, give us a call today at 727-447-5845. If you feel that you have the compassionate and caring personality to be a good senior home caregiver, check out EasyLiving’s Florida Home Healthcare Jobs page.

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What characteristics do you think make a compassionate caregiver? What would you want someone to do to make your life better if you needed home healthcare assistance?