Florida Medicaid AHCA

Medicaid is a social health program for certain families and individuals with limited resources. There are specific programs for elders within Medicaid. Medicaid is jointly run by the federal government and the states and there are a number of different programs available within Medicaid for different populations/needs. Qualifications and what is covered also vary by program.

Many states have begun offering new programs through waivers from the federal government, particularly focused on managed care programs. The Florida Medicaid program includes the Statewide Medicare Managed Care (SMMC), which means that recipients who are eligible must choose a managed care provider to manage a host of possible services. The SMMC long-term care program serves a number of elders and disabled adults. For more information about Florida Medicaid Managed Care visit the website, which offers more about the programs as well as Florida Medicaid Managed Care enrollment.

The managed care providers must offer certain minimum covered services and have a network of providers for various services, such as assisted living facilities, adult day care centers, home health care agencies and homemaker services. In region five of the SMMC, Pinellas and Pasco Counties, there are four approved managed care providers: Humana-American Eldercare, Molina, Sunshine and United. Each has their own network of service providers and recipients are assigned a case manager who creates a plan of care with the client for services provided via their approved Florida Medicaid service providers.

EasyLiving is proud to be part of this program, offering an array of homemaker, companion and in-home care services to clients through the following Medicaid managed care organizations: Humana-American Eldercare, Molina and Sunshine.

Florida Medicaid home care provider

Contact us (phone: 727-447-5845) to learn more about Florida Medicaid SMMC Long-Term Care Program, home care services and other programs and benefits for Florida elders. If you are enrolled in the SMMC program, we welcome the opportunity to serve you through the managed care networks listed above.