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When you are searching for home health care for yourself or a loved one, it’s important to know the quality level of the home health care provider. How do you find reviews and ratings of home health providers?

Medicare Home Health Care Agencies

For Medicare-certified home health agencies (providing skilled care, under limited circumstances) you can check the Medicare Compare website. This site lists the Medicare data for certified home health agencies. You can search by zip code or look up a specific home health provider and it will list the types of services they provide. You can then add them to a comparison chart. The chart gives you basic business information and then shows key data and reviews on their various patient care measures. They have a quality of patient care star rating, and you can view patient survey results.

Want to understand more about the difference between Medicare home health care and private duty care? Check out Paying for Home Health Care.

Private Duty Home Health Care Agencies

Private duty home health care agencies, which provide the majority of care elders need in the home on an ongoing basis, can be a little more tricky in terms of finding quality assurance information. First, check with your state to find out their regulations and how they survey and monitor private duty home health providers. Florida’s Agency for Healthcare Administration has a website explaining Florida home health (and other services and facilities) regulations and a “Find a Facility” feature where you can view information on the providers. EasyLiving also provides a link on our site to our state home health survey.

Because state level of regulations vary, you may find that there are not many requirements for home health and companion care providers in your area. Especially if that is the case, ask a lot of questions to the provider to find out about their policies, procedures and background. Can they tell you how they manage quality assurance? How do they train and supervise home health staff? How do they handle problems? Can they give you an example of a problem and how they resolved it? Do they provide transparency, so you can see quality assurance results and client reviews?

EasyLiving Florida Home Health Care: Our Client Survey and Reviews

EasyLiving participates in a regular client and caregiver survey process, to get feedback on various measures as well as client reviews and comments. You can see a snapshot of our client survey results above. We publish our latest results and client reviews on our home health care testimonials page.

We have been consistently named a Best of Home Care agency through this process. By using a third-party quality assurance agency, we demonstrate our commitment to continual improvement. By sharing our results, we demonstrate our commitment to transparency. We think it’s hard enough for families to find good information on eldercare services, and we want to help break down that barrier.

Here’s a breakdown of some of our recent results and some client reviews:

Our “net promoter score” is 7.7, above the industry average of 7.0. This score shows the results of the question, “How likely are you to recommend this provider to others?”. Our score indicates that 85% of our recent clients would actively recommend us.

Our “caregiver engagement score” is significantly higher than the industry average (8.4 for EasyLiving v. 6.9 average). This score ranks our employee satisfaction based on how many would recommend us as a place to work (almost 90% of our EasyLiving caregivers surveyed).

EasyLiving’s recent client reviews:

My caregiver shows how much she cares by everything she does. She is very compassionate.

The caregivers use humor in a genuine way, and they listen well to the client and what the client needs.

The caregiver we have has a way of seeing in advance on what my husband needs. She is concerned with his welfare.

The caregiver was a sweetheart, and jumped in like she was part of the family.

My caregiver is very capable. She is always on time and is able to solve just about any problem. She is also honest.

About office staff/management communication:

The office is good about communicating. As soon as I call them, they are very helpful.

The office staff does everything they can to find a caregiver if one falls through.

The frequency of communication isn’t bad, and every time I have to talk to management, they are very courteous and respectful. I am very satisfied with what they say and do.

Easy Living’s office staff contact me about once a week. I like that they check in on me since I live by myself.

The office comes out every three weeks to check on me and see what is going on. I appreciate them doing that. That’s enough communication for me.

Keep an eye out for our regular posts about our home health quality assurance process. We will continue to share results and client reviews, including stories of how we resolve/address specific negative feedback. Contact us at 727-447-5845 for more information or to get high quality home health care in Pinellas County, Florida.