Do you think Mom needs help, but she disagrees?

Is your brother pushing Dad to move to an ALF, a move you think is unnecessary?

Are you finding yourself doing more for Mom and Dad and constantly worrying it’s not enough?

Like many families with aging parents, yours may have all kinds of questions. You’ve probably poked around on the internet and found some things you think might help. But, these situations are very personal. So, your Mom or Dad’s needs may not be the same as a friend’s (or whoever’s writing that article). The best way to get a head start with these situations is a personalized assessment from an independent aging life care manager.

Our care managers can help your family and elder loved one get a baseline understanding of the current situation and needs. Our assessment process is done gently, in the client’s environment. We observe the environment and use a variety of techniques and our knowledge to get a true picture of the situation.

Some of the items we may review during the home safety assessment include:

  • home safety and physical environment
  • fall risk
  • nutritional needs
  • ability to manage Activities of Daily Living (bathing, dressing, eating)
  • activities such as driving, shopping, managing finances, and more (IADLs)
  • medical situation, history, and prognosis
  • medication compliance
  • client’s history and desires, background
  • family and other support systems
  • financial needs and insurance available
  • advance care planning and legal services referral needs
  • eligibility for various services

A professional life care assessment can benefit your family in many ways. The biggest benefit is peace of mind having a plan based on a professional evaluation. We customize our careplan recommendations to your needs and budget and help you identify resources that will work for you.

Our aging-in-place resources include technologies, local providers, home modifications and many senior services that can keep your loved one happy, healthy and safe. Our experts often spot little things that can make a big difference. Many times, these changes require little or no cost while providing your loved one many more years in the home. And, of course, we provide information on various alternatives and can compare options for you.

By having a plan to guide you, your family can save time, money and stress. You can prioritize what needs to be done to prevent crises. And, the process helps put everyone on the same page.

To schedule an assessment or learn more, contact us online or at 727-447-5845.