in home care and exercise

In-home care is a perfect solution for elders to stay healthy and happy at home. Not surprisingly, seniors overwhelmingly prefer aging in place to moving to a care facility. In-home care is often overlooked as a proactive measure to ensure this goal is met. With in-home care, an elder can prevent injury, stay healthier and live longer and more independently in the comfort of home.

As we head in to a new year, it is an excellent time to make plans for a healthier 2015. Here are some tips and ideas about how in-home care can help with a better 2015!

  1. Get a home evaluation and reduce clutter and falling risks. EasyLiving’s Fall Prevention Checklist is a good place to start and our Senior Care Consultant will come out and meet with you to help determine a falls free plan just for you. In-home caregivers can help you eliminate clutter, reorganize things for easier access and maintain a clutter-free household.
  2. With in-home care to support you, you can reduce the likelihood of injuries at home. A caregiver can be brought in to help at key times, such as when you are getting up in the morning or during your bathing routine. A caregiver can assist with household cleaning and other tasks during which you might injure yourself. An in-home caregiver can also help you carry out your exercise routine to stay stronger and reduce injuries.
  3. A home caregiver can also provide transportation to ensure you get to all your appointments. In 2015, don’t forget to practice preventative care: get your yearly checkup with your primary care doctor, schedule all recommended screenings, have your vision and hearing checked and talk to your doctors about any concerns or changes you have noticed.
  4. Manage your medications wisely. Ask your doctor or pharmacist to review your medications to reduce any unnecessary or conflicting medications. A trained in-home caregiver can assist you with managing your medications and reminding you to take them properly.
  5. Institute 1-2 small, measurable changes for a healthy new year. Support and accountability can help you reach your goals. In-home care is about more than just assisting you with tasks. Your caregiver can help you stay motivated, remind you about your routine and goals and provide the support you need. Your caregiver can accompany you on walks, take you to exercise classes or the gym or help you maintain an in-home fitness routine.

Need help staying healthy in 2015? Want to ensure you can remain in your own home and live a full life? In-home care from the EasyLiving team might just be the solution for you! Call us at 727-447-5845 for a free wellness check and consultation.