We believe that respite care is one of the most important resources for caregivers. Studies have shown how useful it can be in avoiding caregiver burnout and keeping caregiver and care recipient healthy. This is especially true for dementia caregivers who face various care challenges and the added stress of managing this progressive disease.

Benefits of Respite Care

  • 88% of caregivers agreed that respite allowed their loved one to remain at home, 98% of caregivers stated that respite made them a better caregiver, 98% of caregivers said respite increased their ability to provide a less stressful environment, and 79.5% of caregivers said respite contributed to the stability of their marriage. (Testimony of Jan Moss, Senate Finance Committee, April 2004)
  • Respite for the elderly with chronic disabilities in a study group resulted in fewer hospital admissions for acute medical care than for two other control groups who received no respite care (Chang, J.I., Karuza, J., Katz, P.R, et al, Journal of the American Board of Family Practice, 5: 1992).
  • Caregivers of relatives with dementia who use adult day care experience lower levels of caregiving related stress and better psychological well-being than a control group not using this service  (Zarit, S.H. et al, 1998).

Understanding Respite Care

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