Our aging life care managers work with the family system. Their goal is to bring together the care team, consisting of client, family members and various professionals, to ensure optimal care and a smoother journey.

How does a care manager give your family peace of mind during the caregiving process?

  • Expert analysis (an unbiased opinion) so everyone understands better what is going on and can more easily get on the same page for decision-making
  • Help analyzing the pros and cons of care decisions; bringing together the different opinions and alternatives; making sure the client has a voice
  • Mediation and counseling to overcome conflicts and deal with challenges
  • Guiding conversations and facilitating regular family conferences
  • Improved communication and coordination
  • Better results/fewer problems: oversight and monitoring
  • Crisis prevention and intervention

For family members involved with elder care, working with a care manager brings a whole new peace of mind. You have an expert to call upon who knows your situation and knows “the system”. You have renewed confidence that you are doing the best thing for your loved one. And, you have options like respite care to relieve stress and caregiver burden so you can do the best for your loved one (and your whole family).

Learn more about how we specifically help local family caregivers and those caregiving from a distance.

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Caregiving can be stressful.

It can tear apart even the most harmonious families and raise past resentments.

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