Here are some answers and tips to some of the questions and concerns family caregivers often have about home health care or managing the care and wellbeing of their elderly loved ones:

“My parents need help – but I’m 1,000 miles away and worrying about them is keeping me awake at night. I don’t like the idea of a having a stranger in their home. What can I do?”

Hire a high quality, professional home care agency that helps you ensure quality and oversight:  EasyLiving’s licensed, professional, trustworthy home health care assistants treat your loved ones with the respect and courtesy they deserve. Every EasyLiving home health care assistant is highly trained, extensively screened and fully insured so you can enjoy peace of mind. Our home health care assistance program will help your loved ones feel more comfortable and secure by helping them choose a home caregivers whose personality and skills are the best fit.

Seek agencies offering good communication that helps keep you informed: For example, EasyLiving keeps you up to date on your loved one by sending you status reports with details about the services our home health care assistants performed, your loved one’s activities, and any changes in his or her behavior, health or appearance.

Ensure accountability and quality assurance: Home health care technology can assist in accountability and record-keeping.  EasyLiving’s home health aides clock in and out by using your parents’ own home telephone which is logged in to our online system.  We also use a third-party survey company to measure customer and caregiver satisfaction, as part of our larger quality assurance program which also includes caregiver training and supervision.  Read more about our Home Care Pulse Quality Certification.

“Taking care of my parents is exhausting me and my relationship with them has become strained. I need a break, but I’m worried I can’t afford home health care assistance.”

EasyLiving can take the strain out of round the clock management of your loved one’s home health care. You need a break – and so do they! We make it easy for you to get as much or as little help as you wish. Our home health care assistants can provide just a few hours on one day and more on another, depending on your needs and schedule.  We completely customize your affordable home care plan.

Caregiver-need a break, dealing with conflicts or crises or have to go out of town?  We also provide respite or short term care and can handle your last-minute plans or crisis needs as well.

“Who will pay for my loved one’s in-home health care assistance?”

While Medicare does pay for home health care, it does not provide lengthy visits, or provide a caregiver for long periods of time in the home. You may engage EasyLiving caregivers to supplement the care provided by Medicare home health.  EasyLiving caregivers can provide assistance to improve outcomes when a client is receiving Medicare home health and can coordinate care plans/schedules. We can help answer your questions about what Medicare may cover and determine a plan that meets all your needs. 

Most ongoing, “custodial” (i.e. senior home help, household assistance) care is paid for privately (by clients or families) and therefore, EasyLiving helps customize a program that meets your needs and budget and gives you the best quality for your cost.  Home health services can often reduce long-term costs, by preventing problems leading to the need for more extensive care and eliminating or delaying the need for more expensive senior care facilities.

Most long term care insurance will pay for Easy Living services.  EasyLiving will help you determine if your policy covers home health care assistance and exactly how it will work. We’ll even assist you with the insurance claims and paperwork.

We bill bi-weekly and offer a variety of billing and payment options for your convenience. You can choose to receive your invoices online, via fax, email or regular mail and even pay online.

“Dad’s scaring us – he keeps driving when he shouldn’t, he forgets to take his medication and his hygiene is terrible. But we just can’t be there for him every day.”

EasyLiving can provide your Dad with everything he needs to live healthier, happier, and safer on his own. Our home health care assistants provide essential services for elderly in-home care such as bathing and toileting assistance, light housekeeping, healthy cooking, medication management and caring companionship. They’ll even drive him to his appointments with friends and accompany him to the doctor. We’ll make it easier for your Dad to keep his normal routine and more importantly, his dignity.