Mother's Day for your aging Mom

Mother’s Day is coming up! Don’t forget your aging Mom on this important day. Time with our aging parents is precious and holidays like Mother’s Day are a great time to spend together and show your aging Mom how much you care.

What are some of the best ways you can take care of your aging Mom on Mother’s Day and beyond?

  • Plan some uninterrupted time together. So often, as we take care of our aging Moms we end up becoming “task masters”, focused on things that need to get done such as doctor’s appointments, handling bills and assisting with household chores*. Plan some time around Mother’s Day to simply enjoy a meal or activity together and have some relaxed conversation. Even some simple quiet time at home can be treasured. If you live at a distance, plan some dedicated time to talk on the phone (and maybe a visit now, or anticipated in the near future).
  • Give the gift of “easy living”. Your aging Mom most likely has too much stuff, so a gift of help might be the best way to make her life better. Our EasyLiving caregivers can assist with tasks such as: light housekeeping, laundry/ironing, organizing and special projects, shopping, and meal preparation. Wouldn’t we all love to have someone come to our home once or twice/week to do our laundry and prepare some nutritious, tasty meals for the week?
  • Share memories. Create a photo album or photo book for Mom, put together family genealogy or a compilation about Mom’s background or simply take some time to talk with Mom about her past and reminisce about family memories.
  • The holiday may not be the time to discuss planning and care concerns, but consider taking an inventory yourself about tasks that might need to be completed in the coming months to ensure you and your aging Mom are prepared for the near future. We offer several checklists at EasyLiving and Aging to help you get started!

Gift ideas for your aging Mom this Mother’s Day:

Show your aging Mom how much you care this Mother’s Day! The gift of time and putting a little thought into your gift-giving makes all the difference. Stay posted here or sign up for our newsletter for tips throughout the month of May about “taking care of Mom” and more tips and gift ideas for your aging Dad for Father’s Day!

* Tip: our Aging Wisely care managers and EasyLiving caregivers can help you “focus on being a daughter/son again” rather than balancing all the tasks. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you in the process of taking the best care of your aging Mom!

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