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Amanda had a long career in IT before making a personal decision to transition to the healthcare field. After losing her mother to ovarian cancer in 2005, she was one of 20 students accepted into HCC’s highly competitive radiation program. Upon completing her AS degree in Radiation Therapy, Amanda decided to fulfill a lifelong desire to complete her Bachelor’s degree. She graduated with a BSAS degree, concentrating in Gerontology. She was accepted into the Master’s degree program and received her MA in Gerontology in 2016. Amanda is a professional member of the Aging Life Care Association (ALCA).

During her graduate program, Amanda gained both academic knowledge and practical experience. As a graduate assistant she took a leadership role, planning and managing the job fair. She developed valuable skills doing community outreach for the Senior Connection Center (Area Agency on Aging, Hillsborough County). Amanda’s coursework in gerontology and various fields of psychology gave her a solid foundation for her work today.

The perseverance, hard work and determination that Amanda demonstrated during her studies serve her well as a care manager. She was awarded for academic excellence in the radiation program while balancing a massive workload and clinical rotations. Her clients feel that same level of attention and dedication.

During radiation rotations, Amanda learned from seasoned professionals as well as cancer patients of all ages and stages. This contributed to her empathy and care coordination skills. She learned how to work cooperatively with different personalities and people dealing with difficult situations. She can now use these skills and her expertise navigating the medical system to benefit her clients.

Amanda has a long-standing interest in patient advocacy. She fulfilled that role for both parents at the end of their lives and helped several friends. She shares, “One of the most rewarding aspects of being a Care Manager is advocating for the client and being the liaison for the family.”

Amanda grew up in Ohio and has lived in Florida since 1986. She resides in south Tampa with her husband and two Australian Shepherds, Gunner and Ticket. She has trained and competed in various sports with her dogs and also loves swimming and biking. Amanda is an avid reader and enjoys audio books during her many hours in the car.