Florida home caregiver Bernadette Hill

We’re excited to announce that Bernadette Hill is EasyLiving’s January Inspirational Caregiver!

Bernadette has a bubbly personality; she’s always uplifting and positive. She is in great demand from clients and we would love to have 20 more of her!

Bernadette has been a home caregiver for five years. She started out as a customer representative with a local magazine. A few years ago a friend asked for her help and Bernadette found it more rewarding than her career in the corporate world. She loves people so being a caregiver was a natural career choice.

Bernadette shares, “The best part of being a caregiver is having those clients you work with appreciate and value you being there.” One of her most touching moments was when a client who normally smiled when she started her shift, wasn’t smiling one day. Bernadette came up to her to see what was going on and the client said “I appreciate you.” Bernadette got tears in her eyes. Bernadette always wants her clients to feel safe and secure when she’s with them.

Bernadette is a mother of 4, grandmother to 17 and a great grandmother to 8. She was born in Philadelphia and grew up in Camden, NY. She came to Florida on a vacation in 1988. She enjoyed it so much, she decided to stay.

We’re so glad to have Bernadette as a home caregiver on the EasyLiving team!

About the Inspirational Home Caregiver Award:

EasyLiving selects an Inspirational Caregiver each month from five finalists demonstrating the qualities of excellent senior caregiving. This award is our way of saying thank you and recognizing quality home health care, as well as bringing awareness about the work of senior home caregivers to the larger community.

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About iCaRewards™ Caregiver Recognition Program:

We created our unique iCaRewards as a fun way to support and reward our senior home caregivers. This program consists of various incentives, fun events and initiatives like the Inspirational Caregiver Award.

Our mission is to create an environment where we set our team members up for success empowering them to provide the best in home care to the community.For more information about a career as an EasyLiving home health caregiver, check out our Home Health Careers page.

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