things to do in Clearwater FL for families

Looking for things to do in Clearwater and Tampa Bay with your grandchildren when they visit? Want to make sure the grandkids have a fun time when they come to see you? We have some great ideas and resources for things to do in Clearwater that the whole family will enjoy! We’ll also share tips for accessibility and making your outings go smoothly for the grandparents and great-grandparents.

Things to Do in Clearwater: Showing the Grandkids a Great Time

How to find things they’ll actually enjoy:

  • Keep up-to-date on the grandkids’ interests to find activities targeted to what they enjoy. The Tampa Bay Times offers up regular event listings so you can find out what’s on throughout Tampa Bay. Here’s just a sampling of the recent events that might intrigue you and the grandchildren, depending on your interests: MacDill AirFest, Renaissance Festival, a dog festival, an art show, a wildlife hike, spring training baseball and many performances and plays.
  • Treat the grandkids to some special attention and quality time together. Get a manicure or have a spa day with your granddaughter, go through old photo albums together or work on a project, have a lunch or dinner “date”, or take a mini road trip to spots like Orlando, Cape Canaveral or beaches to the north or south.

Special Florida resources and activities:

Rainy day activities:

  • The Sim Center offers simulation experiences of all types, from a 3D space simulator to race cars and fighter planes (admission is free but each experience ranges in price and can be fairly pricey so talk this out with the grandkids first and check their specials online to save money).
  • Check out our article on indoor activities for elders for many other ideas that all ages can enjoy.

Tips for Family Outings

  • Check accessibility information and look into parking and other details.
  • Consider the best schedule. If your grandkids are on vacation and you’re flexible, why not go to busy sites on weekdays or during non-prime hours? Some sites offer special discounts on certain days or times. Avoid traffic and crowds. Think about the grandchild’s attention span and everyone’s endurance.
  • Don’t forget to plan for drinks, snacks and meals. Have plenty of water and cool drinks for outdoor activities.
  • Be careful with the Florida heat and sun. Think shade, sunscreen and hydration. Minimize time outside during the hottest hours and bring layers for outdoor/indoor temperature differences.
  • Engage the grandchildren: have them take part in planning and discuss ideas, give them a little background (send some pictures or YouTube video links before they visit…check out the video of the pirate cruise on the Clearwater Beach Chamber’s website, along with a great section on things to do), ask them questions and answer theirs.
  • Hire a helper! Our EasyLiving caregivers take clients on regular outings and can arrange logistics, offer physical assistance and transportation to make everything easy.