Senior Care Tips for At-Home Exercises in Clearwater, FL, Holiday, FL, & Temple Terrace, FL

Regular exercise is one of the best things elders can do for their health and overall senior care. Some elders avoid exercising owing to chronic health issues or fear of damage. In most situations, the benefits outweigh the hazards, provided the exercise regimen is suitable for their physical condition.

Regular exercise has many health benefits for seniors, such as:

  • Keeping muscle mass
  • Mood and attitude boost
  • Improve mobility and balance
  • Cognitive enhancement
  • Immune system aid
  • Weight loss
  • Chronic illness prevention and management

No Gym, No Stress

These health benefits can be obtained without a gym membership or expensive fitness equipment. They can do the following activities at home:

  • Exercises in a Chair – For seniors with mobility or standing limitations, chair exercises can be beneficial. Chair exercises, done using a chair and minimal weights, strengthen a variety of muscle groups. Start with the following chair exercises:
    • Sitting Front Shoulder Raise – Handle a pair of light weights at your side with hands facing inwards. Straighten your back against the chair’s backrest. Raise the weights until your arms are parallel to the floor, while keeping your core firm. Slowly return your arms to the beginning position.
    • Tummy Twists (targets the core) – Keep your core strong and your chest forward while sitting at the seat’s edge In your lap, with your elbows bent, hold a medicine ball or comparable item of comfortable weight. And then spin your body to the left while holding the medicine ball in front of you. Turn your body around while gripping the medicine ball.
    • Squats in a Chair (targets the legs) – Sit near the chair’s edge for more mobility. Maintain a tight core and a straight back, with a forward chest. Turn your body around while gripping the medicine ball. Slowly stand up, keeping your knees outward. Slowly sit down, keeping your knees in the same place.
  • Stretches – Stretches improve flexibility and reduce joint pain. For seniors with restricted mobility, several stretches can be done in a chair or even on a bed!
    • Overhead Side Stretch – Place feet hip-width apart. Lift your arms and lean to one side. Hold for 10-30 seconds, then return to the centre. Extend the other side.
    • Calf Stretch – One leg bent forward, one straight behind you. Hold onto a wall or counter for support if needed. Then gently press your heel into the floor until your calf stretches. 10-30 seconds Rep the other leg.
  • Yoga & Tai Chi – Take an online yoga or tai chi lesson. Yoga and tai chi include following an instructor through positions while focusing on breathing and mental attention. The benefits of tai chi and yoga are very similar. Yoga is done standing or on the floor and focuses on holding positions. Tai chi is done standing and requires more fluidity between the poses. Both are fantastic for elders.
  • Walking – Walks are low impact and easy on joints, whether at home or at a park. They let seniors get out of the house and socialize while improving cardiovascular health.

Check with your loved one’s doctor before starting an exercise routine to ensure the workouts are safe.

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