Reducing Hospital Readmissions Through Quality In Home Care

Reducing Hospital Readmissions Through Quality In Home Care

As a licensed senior home care provider in Central Florida since for over 20 years, we use the latest operations software to track how many falls our clients have, along with hospitalizations, hospital readmissions, and other metrics.

Post-Acute Care

Tracking client health metrics to deliver better recovery outcomes

Hospital to Home

We have a hospital readmission rate of only


Compared to the state-wide average of


Fall Prevention

With an EasyLiving caregiver present falls are extremely rare, however, should an incident occur families are notified right away.

We are proud to report that our efforts to prevent falls and hospitalizations have yielded outstanding results. Our clients have experienced a remarkably low hospitalization rate of just 6.8%, which is substantially lower than the statewide average of 15.1%. This clearly demonstrates the effectiveness of our services in promoting the health and wellbeing of our clients and keeping them out of the hospital.

During our initial two-month period, we have achieved a remarkable re-hospitalization rate of 6.8% among our customers who have availed of our services. This impressive figure stands in sharp contrast to the national average of 15% as reported by Moreover, it is noteworthy that our local hospitalization rate currently stands at 15.1%.

Why Place Your Trust In Our Post-Acute Care Services?

Why Place Your Trust In Our Post-Acute Care Services?

We track our hospitalizations by using ENS®, which provides real-time notice of patient healthcare encounters from acute and post-acute care facilities across Florida. These healthcare facilities send admit-discharge-transfer (ADT) messages in real-time, and ENS® compares them to patient lists provided by subscribing healthcare organizations. When a listed patient receives care at a participating facility, subscribers receive an alert containing details about that patient’s health encounter.

This is a unique solution to EasyLiving. On top of making our data more accurate, other benefits of using this software include the ability for us to reach out to families right away to let them know if their loved one has been hospitalized, as families are often unaware that their loved one is in the hospital.

Reducing Hospital Readmissions

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Our mission is to provide the care and resources needed to prevent falls and hospitalizations by keeping seniors aging wisely™. If you would like to learn more about EasyLiving services in Clearwater, New Port Richey, Tampa, and Lakeland, contact us today!

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