aging well tips

Today, our team shares three fun “life hacks” for aging well!

  1. Age proof your home…today! Do not wait until you fall down the stairs, slip in the tub, or trip over your extension cord to think about fall prevention. We all need to declutter from time to time (here’s some fun life hacks for home organization), but it’s especially important as you get older. Even if you’re active and in great shape, you won’t bounce back from injuries the way you did years ago. Also, things like eyesight universally decline with age so you face more risk. Take an hour today to go through our falls prevention checklist or schedule a fall risk assessment.
  2. Bring what you need to your home. There’s more and more convenient services available to help in daily life. Have you ever considered grocery delivery or pickup services? Reducing the temptation to impulse buy and planning out your needs can actually reduce your bills and make up for any fees. Some grocery stores that don’t offer delivery offer pickup services, where you order online and simply drive up to the store to get your order. You can save a list of things typical items you buy, and stores will often notify you when favorite items go on sale so you can save big bucks. Internet shopping, online bill pay and other great services can make life easier. At-home Fitness is one of our favorite resources, bringing personal trainers specialized in older adults right to your home. We’ll share specific resources from time to time, so don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter!
  3. Let technology help you overcome one of your biggest threats. So, what’s the big threat? Mismanaging your medications. Medication errors can be fatal, or at least fatal to your health and quality of life. There are numerous apps to provide reminders, electronic pill boxes (plus timers, watches and more), and drug information apps and websites.

For more help aging well, contact the EasyLiving team for tips and assistance. Our in-home caregivers can help you declutter, manage your medications, cook meals, clean your home or run errands…and so much more. Let our team help you find all the secrets to aging well and easy living!