EasyLiving believes quality care is something we need to consciously work towards every day. In order to improve quality care, we need to constantly monitor how we’re doing. This is why we use Vantage by Home Care Pulse, an independent home health care quality assurance company. They anonymously survey our clients and caregivers each month and provide a detailed report, including how we stack up against industry averages and top quality care agencies.

You can always find our latest quality care survey results, testimonials and a link to our Florida Home Health Care survey on our home care testimonials page. We will also start to share a monthly post with some more details of our survey results (good or bad!) so our clients and potential clients and caregivers can see how we measure up, where we need to improve and what we’re working on to improve quality care.

EasyLiving’s June 2015 Quality Care Results

Our combined client satisfaction rating is 95.2% for June. You can see the specific ratings for different areas (work ethic, ability of caregivers, compassion, professionalism, confidence in office staff, etc.) in the home care QA chart here.

Our combined caregiver satisfaction rate is 95.3%. Since our mission is focused on creating the best environment for our caregivers to succeed, we watch this number carefully and monitor all the feedback from our caregivers about ways we can help them provide quality care.

caregiver satisfaction ratings EasyLiving

For June 2015, we are proud to say we rank above average in our “net promoter score”, which shows how many clients would recommend us to a friend. It is always the highest compliment that families not only trust us to care for their loved ones, but also would recommend us to their friends and other family members.

quality care charte

Through our consistently high scores on quality care measures and caregiver satisfaction, we have repeatedly been named “Best of Home Care” by Home Care Pulse. This award is given to agencies who prove ongoing dedication to measuring quality and improving quality care. A big thanks to all our team members who make this happen by being continually dedicated to better quality care and each client’s individual needs.

We look forward to hearing more feedback from clients, families and our caregiver team so we can continue to build better systems. In the high trust business of home care, we see no alternative but to dedicate each day to supporting our caregivers to be their best.

Call us at 727-447-5845 to find out more about EasyLiving’s quality care program, or visit our home care careers page if this looks like the kind of place you’d like to work!