The first warning signs of Alzheimer’s disease tend to be forgetfulness and changes in personality. As we age, everyone becomes somewhat forgetful. Our brains are simply overloaded with information. It can take a little reminder sometimes before we retrieve information from our brains. But we recognize that we have forgotten something and probably laugh when we finally recall what it is we were searching for.

However, when mom or dad has early stage Alzheimer’s disease, they are increasingly less aware that they are forgetting things. They may even deny that they have misplaced things, and often start blaming others for hiding or misplacing things. Another Alzheimer’s disease warning sign is they forget addresses and phone numbers that they have used hundreds of times.

Alzheimer’s disease can lead to a significant change in behavior for our loved ones. They get angry with others, deny that they have problems and may become somewhat reclusive. At least subconsciously, they sense that something strange is happening to them, but they can’t understand what is going on. They may even become depressed. Mom or dad just isn’t the same person that they used to be.

The holidays are a great time to keep an eye out for these Alzheimer’s disease warning signs, especially if you do not live near your loved one or don’t see them often. Watch the video above as Ric Cavanagh, Director of Staff Development for EasyLiving, offers Alzheimer’s disease warning signs to watch for while getting together with your family over the holidays.

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