In home caregivers are often associated with the types of duties an elder might need when ill or needing physical assistance.  In reality, the duties of in-home caregivers vary widely.  A home caregiver may help a client with physical needs such as bathing or getting up and down from a chair, but also assist with the general care and maintenance of the home, run errands, cook meals and provide companionship.

It is important when you hire in home caregivers to create a care plan that best meets your needs but also helps you get the most out of life (and out of the services you are hiring).  Many clients (and families) tell us that some of the greatest benefits from their home caregivers are not the reasons they first contacted us.  They find the caregivers’ extra assistance in areas they might not have expected makes all the difference. 

For example, one client’s husband remarked on how wonderful it was for both of them when the caregiver made up the bed and bedroom so nicely while the client got ready in the morning.  They had tired of doing some of the little chores like this that really make them feel better when done.  Family members often tell us the companionship of their loved one’s caregiver during meals has greatly improved their nutrition.  Many of us tend to feel like eating less (or less well) when we are alone (especially if we are not used to being alone).

Not sure about all the ways a home caregiver could help?

Tips for getting the most from working with your in-home caregiver:

  • Brainstorm the ways you would like a caregiver to help, what types of assistance might be needed around the household and additional tasks/”extras” that might be done in available time.
  • Discuss your needs, preferences and outline how you would like the caregiver to spend time/your priorities.
  • Use a company that has a process for understanding you, personalizing care and communicating to caregivers (for an example, check out EasyLiving’s article on Personalized Home Care Plans).
  • Hire an agency that not only encourages, but solicits your feedback and demonstrates a willingness to adapt.  You should feel comfortable expressing a concern or asking for a change (sometimes clients themselves feel less comfortable doing this and may need the encouragement or assistance of a family member/advocate).

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