Help Make Home Health Care Easier by Appointing a Health Care Advocate for Loved Ones

Senior citizens require someone to watch out for their best interests. For some seniors, going to the doctor can be a taxing experience.

Sometimes seniors are unable to comprehend what the doctor says entirely. They may be uncomfortable asking questions, prefer not to speak openly about their symptoms and concerns, or are too shy to insist on medical care in their best interests.

These seniors require the assistance of a trusted relative, spouse, friend, or care manager to help them comprehend their medical issues and treatment options and communicate and coordinate with doctors to receive the best possible care.

As the leading provider of home health care services in Clearwater, FL, Holiday, FL, and Temple Terrace, FL, EasyLiving defines a health advocate and discusses seven ways elders can benefit from having one.


What Exactly is a Health Advocate?

A health advocate assists people in navigating the medical system. They accompany seniors to appointments, converse with doctors, take detailed notes, investigate health concerns, locate specialists, and assist in managing health insurance and medical payments.

A health advocate does not have to be a trained medical practitioner; a family caregiver frequently performs the position.

If you’ve been caring for a loved one, you’re familiar with this duty. Your elderly relative most likely has several health issues and visits many doctors or specialists.

Because each doctor does not have a complete picture of your older adult’s health and treatments, it is up to you to organize all of the information and assist each medical practitioner in understanding so your senior can receive the best care possible.


7 Advantages of Having a Health Advocate for Seniors

When you serve as a health advocate for your elderly loved one, you increase their quality of life and general health.

Health advocates assist by:

  1. Keeping track of previous and new symptoms, issues with current therapies or significant changes to share with the doctor.
  2. Assist medical experts in understanding the entire health situation and organizing therapies to improve health concerns without producing complications or adverse effects. And, if side effects do arise, consult with doctors to find a solution.
  3. They are managing current drugs and ensuring that all medications and supplements are examined regularly.
  4. Attending visits together, taking notes, bringing up essential questions for the doctor, and ensuring critical information is not ignored.
  5. Taking the time to explain their health concerns, treatments, and why it’s critical to follow the doctor’s advice.
  6. Locating doctors, specialists, and hospitals that can satisfy your older adult’s care needs and that are covered by their insurance plan.
  7. Dealing with health insurance, coverage questions, claims, billing errors, payments, and so on.


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