A professional care management assessment benefits you and your family in many ways. Often information is disjointed and medical/care providers are working in silos. The care manager pulls together an accurate health history and picture of the situation so you can make informed decisions.

The other important feature of a comprehensive assessment is the review of multiple aspects of the person and their situation. Understanding the person’s daily life and functional challenges aids in anticipating problems, such as falls or poor nutrition and dehydration. The care manager’s expert observation in the home environment uncovers hidden warning signs that might have lead to a crisis. The client’s and family’s concerns and desires play an equally important role in building a personalized plan.

What you get from an assessment:

  1. A comprehensive picture of the situation: a solid understanding of current status and future needs to anticipate.
  2. A customized roadmap for moving forward.
  3. Resources for caregiving and safe, healthy aging: aging-in-place technologies, top-quality providers, programs, and benefits. These resources and insider tips might otherwise take you thousands of hours to put together.
  4. Cost projections, budgets, and financial assistance programs/cost-savings measures.
  5. Alternatives so that clients and responsible parties can prioritize and actively participate in decision-making.

Benefits of the assessment:

  • Cost savings: expertise to help clients access services and benefits, find less costly options and avoid costly mistakes.
  • Time and stress savings: exponential benefits of our years of experience & expertise, provides more positive outcomes for families.
  • Improved family relationships: an objective picture helps families to come to agreement and makes caregiving easier.
  • A smoother caregiving experience and confidence knowing you understand the options and can make the best choices armed with all the information.

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