May is Older Americans Month and we’re celebrating some inspirational older people who remind us that good things come with age! Check out these inspirational older people who are doing cool things, making strides and living a full life in their latter years.

inspirational older people

In the past, we shared some of our fitness role models…inspirational older people who are probably fitter than most young people you know. Many of them took on fitness challenges later in life, determined to stay active and improve their health. For others, health and activity is a way of life that they don’t think should end as they get older.

Charles Eugster is one such example of someone who hasn’t let age slow him down…quite the opposite, in fact! He took up exercise at the age of 85 and is now called “the world’s fittest pensioner”. He holds numerous fitness records. He has his own website on successful aging with information about how people can age successfully with good health, fitness and work/continued activity. He also shares his thoughts on a new vision of aging and some of the troublesome aspects of our current systems and views.

Politics, arts, charity and business roles have often been filled by inspirational older adults. The former prime minister of India, Manmohan Singh, was in office until age 82 and at age 73 was named one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World by Time magazine. Ruth Bader Ginsberg is another public figure who has continued to pursue her life’s work and passion into her 80s.

Even in the seemingly youth-driven arenas of entertainment such as acting, singing and modeling many inspirational older people are proving that they can continue to have strong roles in their chosen fields. Tony Bennett has had a career spanning many decades and released a new album and sang at the World Series in 2015, at age 89. Actresses like Betty White and actors such as Morgan Freeman continue to delight audiences.

Art and literature has been enriched by the contributions of older adults throughout time. Laura Ingalls Wilder didn’t even publish her first book until age 65. You may recall learning about “Grandma” Moses, a well known folk artist who began painting in earnest in her late 70s and some of the hottest names in contemporary art today are older artists.

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