A new feature to our blog: Home Care stories from our clients and ways our home care services can help. We hope that if you recognize a situation you and your family are facing, these stories will help identify some of the ways home caregivers can provide solutions.

Date Night Interrupted

Imagine you’re getting ready to go out on a long-overdue date with your husband, but just as you’re heading out the door, you receive a frantic call from your mom. She has lost her keys… again, and is begging for you to come over and help her find them. There goes your romantic, relaxing date night. Instead you have to drive over to your mom’s house, calm her down and help her find her keys. There’s no telling how long it will take, so you call and cancel your dinner reservations.

This entire scenario could be avoided if your mom had a home care aide. Not only would the aide be there to help mom find her keys, but they probably wouldn’t have been lost in the first place because the home caregiver would have made sure your mom put the keys back in their rightful place. And to be honest, your mom’s call might not be about keys at all. She could just be lonely, and a home health aide would address this problem as well. In addition, to helping your mom around the house, a home caregiver is there to keep her company as well.

The less your mom relies on you, the more your relationship will benefit. As much as you don’t want your evening interrupted, your mom doesn’t want to have to rely on you to come to her rescue. Having a home health aide there to help care for her, allows the two of you to maintain that mother-daughter relationship. Instead of having to stop by to take check on her, you can stop by just to spend time with her. We offer home care solutions for family caregivers and invite you to contact us today for a free consultation.

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