Veteran's Day: celebrating older veterans

Happy Veteran’s Day, especially to our many clients and loved ones who have sacrificed to serve our country! We are lucky to work with many older veterans and we’re pleased to be able to assist them, but also to get to know them and often hear their interesting life stories. We truly learn a lot from our clients and feel so lucky to be a small part of their lives.

Today, we’ve dedicated this post to our older veterans, with resources, links and tips that will help you. If your loved one is an aging veteran, bookmark this article for help with a variety of older veterans’ benefits and places to get help. Our team is also always here to help! We can assist with setting up in-home care for veterans, providing rides and advocates for VA doctor appointments and hospitalizations, and helping you find the resources you need to navigate veteran’s benefits and services.

Here are some helpful links for older veterans:

Veterans Home Care: help for older veterans who wish to remain at home as they age and need some in-home care assistance, from medication management to personal care and household help. We are proud to have served many older veterans and would be glad to help!

Older Veterans Benefits: There are a number of benefits that help older veterans, including compensation and pension (various levels including “aid and attendance” commonly used to pay for in-home care and assisted living costs), veterans’ health care and burial/funeral cost assistance. This article gives a concise overview of some of the common benefits used by older veterans and key resources/contacts.

Warning: Scams Targeting Veterans: Unfortunately, scammers target many different audiences, including veterans (and especially older veterans). Here you can read about some of the top scams targeting veterans and some tips to stay safe. There are also some scams targeting non-vets, but that involve using veterans or service personnel as an excuse to target victims. We encourage you to pass these on to older veterans in your life and to help keep them up to date on the latest scams.

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