home care for veterans

If you are a veteran, you may be able to access home care for veterans through the Veterans Health Administration’s home and community based services. You can receive a wide variety of support services in your home, such as assistance with personal care (bathing, dressing, toileting), cooking, cleaning, errands, transportation, and medication management.

Home Care for Veterans: Who’s Eligible?

Home care for veterans falls under the VHA (Veterans Health Administration) Standard Medical Benefits Package. We’ll be sharing more in upcoming posts about eligibility for and services included with VA medical benefits. Many veterans are surprised to learn about the benefits they could be receiving. Make sure to check our blog for regular updates (or follow us on Facebook for our latest posts)!

All veterans enrolled in the medical benefits package are eligible for these services if they meet the clinical need for veterans home care. And, the service can be used in combination with other home and community based services. You may have to pay a copay depending on your VA disability status.

If you are enrolled in veterans medical benefits, talk to your VHA team about your need for home care. If you have not yet enrolled or have eligibility questions, we’ll be happy to point you to resources to help.

EasyLiving is a veterans home care provider, contracted through the VHA. We’re glad to provide veterans with this valuable service!

Home Care for Veterans Supports Aging-in-Place

There are two types of home care for veterans offered through the VHA. Community-based agencies like EasyLiving contract with the VHA to deliver home care for veterans.

  1. Skilled Home Health Care (SHHC) offers short-term skilled nursing and related care for homebound vets (or those who live far away from a VA medical facility). This service is for intermittent needs that require licensed care such as nursing, physical, speech and occupational therapy. The doctor orders skilled home care. Then, the VA’s Purchased Skilled Home Care Office works with the community agencies to obtain care for the veteran.
  2. Homemaker/Home Health Aide (H/HHA) services help veterans age in place in the comfort of home. Many times, aging veterans have difficulties with household tasks, driving, and managing medications. Hospitalization and early nursing home placement often result from falls, poor diet, and medication misuse. With a little extra support (often called “custodial care”) it may be possible to remain at home safely. Additionally, home health aides help veterans stay healthy with good nutrition and personal care. They can provide specialized care to veterans with dementia. Caregivers of veterans also get respite and support through this program.

If you are a veteran (or have a loved one who is), make sure to check into all the benefits and resources available. Throughout the month of November, we’re focusing on veterans benefits and services. Check back for more or call us at 727-447-5845 for assistance any time!