Proper hygiene helps control disease, keeps your skin healthy, and prevents infections. Good body washing practices can prevent the spread of certain diseases. Plus, we all feel better when we are clean, fresh, and looking nice.

Unfortunately, personal care sometimes suffers as we get older. The physical tasks of bathing, washing our hair, and shaving might become too taxing. We might feel (and be) unsafe in the shower or tub. Favorite outfits may be pushed to the back of the closet when we can’t manipulate small buttons or zippers. We may isolate ourselves because of embarrassment over “accidents” and odor.

If you’ve ever been ill and sapped of energy, you’ll understand how these simple tasks can become overwhelming for older adults. For many older adults, it’s difficult to have your adult children help with such intimate tasks (the same can be true for the adult child, both emotionally and physically).  A professional caregiver with sensitivity and know-how brings back a sense of dignity and self-worth.

We know personal care is just that…deeply personal. Our caregivers create a warm, comfortable atmosphere. They do things to your specifications, using a personal care plan. Clients often remark that they feel better than ever, and even feel pampered.

EasyLiving caregivers help with:

Bathing & Showering

Cleanliness Plus Pampering

Slippery tubs and showers are a danger zone for elders. Caregivers support the client in safely taking a bath or shower. They know the best methods to ensure dignity and privacy. They don’t forget the little touches like having your warm robe and slippers ready for you or preparing the bath to the perfect temperature. Caregivers are also trained in giving bed baths and helping maintain skin integrity.

Dressing and Grooming

Looking Your Best, Feeling Your Best

Caregivers help you maintain pride in your personal appearance, which has a big effect on mood and wellbeing. They can assist with dressing, fixing your hair, shaving/hair removal, applying cosmetics and lotions, and more.

Toileting and Personal Hygiene

Essential Support

Regular help with going to the bathroom can reduce or eliminate accidents. Caregivers can provide safety support, help with transferring (getting up and down from chair/toilet safely), incontinence care, and sanitation. Proper care helps prevents common health issues like UTIs, hygiene-related infections, rashes, and dehydration (from not drinking enough due to fear of accidents).

Assistance with A.M. and P.M. routines

Start and End the Day Right

Your caregiver can help you get out of bed, get dressed and ready for the day and get you started with a healthy breakfast. We help you prepare for a great night’s sleep by completing your evening hygiene routine. These routines support good oral hygiene, proper skin care and cleanliness.

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A Caregiver’s Story:

We struggled getting Mom to bathe or let us help with various personal care needs. She was wearing the same clothes over and over, and even started to develop a noticeable odor. At one point, we found out she’d had a bad skin rash for several weeks.

The solution turned out to be in-home assistance from EasyLiving. The very first time the caregiver came in, she had Mom all cleaned up and dressed nicely, and even got her dentures cleaned (a big point of contention for us).

It may not always be that easy, but a properly trained caregiver will often be successful where family members aren’t. It was tough on me to think of doing these tasks for my Mom, even though I was more than willing to help. I imagine it was even harder on her, thinking of her daughter doing tasks that she once did for me as a young child. I think she was also afraid that admitting she needed help would lead to us moving her out of her home. Not only are the tasks done now, but she seems so much happier and really enjoys time with the caregiver.