People often feel uncomfortable getting help with personal care such as hygiene (bathing, showering, brushing teeth, toileting) and grooming (shaving, hair styling, removing facial hair, dressing, makeup). The truth is that personal care is…very personal. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be super modest, the thought of someone helping with such personal tasks can be intimidating.

When done right, personal care can be provided in a dignified, relaxed manner that is actually quite pampering! A professionally trained caregiver knows how to make the experience safe and comfortable for the client. EasyLiving clients often remark that rather than feeling distressed by needing help anymore, they feel it’s like having a mini in-home spa.

The foundation of our caregivers’ professional training in personal hygiene and grooming includes:

  • How to perform tasks safely and assist clients who have certain mobility challenges, dementia (which may lead to confusion and fear in such situations), etc.
  • Communicating with clients during the process (asking client preferences, checking in, explaining what’s being done to reassure and make things less awkward)
  • Little tips to make the situation more comfortable (testing water temperatures, having a towel or robe ready to help the client cover up, preparing so everything is convenient and the process is easy, setting up a pleasant environment)

Proper hygiene helps prevent or control various diseases, keeps the skin and hair healthy, reduces the chances of infection and more. Good body washing practices can prevent the spread of hygiene-related diseases. In addition to the health implications, we all feel better when we are clean, fresh, and looking nice.

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