In our series “Florida Home Care Success Stories” we share some of our client stories to help illustrate when and how home health services can assist elders in living healthier, happier lives.  Our goal is to ensure that we do not let our clients’ age, disease or disability affect their quality of life.

Often, we run across clients who could really benefit from home care or senior concierge services but are reluctant for various reasons.  Families often approach us, but then tell us their loved one is not ready for services right now.  We understand each elder is at a different stage of decision making and adjustment.

Needing some assistance often requires a major psychological adaptation from many perspectives.  The decision process may involve worries about losing independence, financial concerns, as well as major changes in perception of one’s roles and self-image, to say nothing of getting used to the routine of having someone new in the home.

Harold was an elder going through many of these thought processes when we first met him.  He had run a business and a household for many years and now he was running in to frustration after frustration with health insurance and financial issues, as well as myriad health problems sapping his vitality.  Two good friends had referred him to EasyLiving when he decided he didn’t feel comfortable driving after a surgery.

He approached us warily.  He asked a lot of good questions.  He had done his research, visiting our website and getting a lot of information online.  His friends’ endorsement meant a lot, but he wanted to make sure EasyLiving home care services were right for him.  During his free home care assessment visit, you could see some relief in his expression as we talked honestly with him.

He asked us if we could help process his long-term care insurance,which had been causing him some trouble.  We talked in-depth about how we could help, what his policy would cover (and when) and costs/options.  He shared some of his concerns and priorities.  As we talked more openly, he also shared some of the additional areas where he would like assistance and arranged to have an Aging Wisely care manager attend an upcoming medical appointment which was concerning him.

From our conversation, we put together an affordable home care plan for him.  The plan was flexible for his changing needs and desires.  With some referrals to additional resources, he had created his own “care team” with himself at the helm, feeling back in control of his life.

(Harold wasn’t eligible for a long-term care insurance claim right away, but we did eventually help him submit a claim at the appropriate time and he also got help from his Aging Wisely care manager dealing with his health insurance issues.  If you want to learn more about paying for care options and terminology, download our Paying for Home Care tips.)

If you are trying to figure out how to budget for senior care needs, or determine what resources are available to help, grab a copy of our simple guide which will help you with resource mapping for senior care:

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