Want to learn more about the story and people behind EasyLiving and our family of senior care companies?  Find out how and why we chose our mission of helping elderly individuals and families in Pinellas County/Tampa Bay and learn about some of our team members.

Alex Chamberlain, Executive Director of EasyLiving, Inc. was recently profiled in Bay Magazine, a St. Petersburg Times publication.  This article (the article starts on page 99/100 and Alex’s profile is on page 101 and 152) featured 5 young executives sharing how they got their start, what they have learned along the way and future plans.

Business Leader radio has conducted several interviews with Alex Chamberlain as well, regarding the Florida home health business and some of the important business lessons and processes that grew out of the mission to help Florida elders.

Shannon Martin, Director of Communications for EasyLiving, Inc. and Aging Wisely, LLC was interviewed in a 4 part series on the family of eldercare companies.  Shannon shares more details about home health and in-home care options for seniors as well as how a geriatric care manager can provide an assessment and eldercare advice for families.  She also shares how the companies are using social media and blog content to help educate seniors and families on issues such as preparing for caregiving, dealing with Alzheimer’s Disease and financing long-term care, Medicare and Medicaid.

To learn more about EasyLiving services and get help for your elderly loved one in Florida or for press queries/help with articles on aging topics, contact us today.