EasyLiving’s Mission-Driven Home Care Model

EasyLiving’s Executive Director, Alex Chamberlain, illustrates our mission-driven home care model and shares a little more about how EasyLiving has designed this model as what we believe is the most effective way to provide the highest quality home care assistance:

This picture depicts how we run our business…everything we do at EasyLiving. If it does not fit into this model we do not to do it. We are proud of this model and take pride in being a mission driven company! 

We believe the best way to accomplish this mission is to treat our caregivers the best. If we train them the best, treat them the best, set them up for success on every case they go out on (through our personal home care plans, daily routine and family history forms), they in return will treat our clients the best. This then completes our mission.

The number question I usually get after sharing this model is “Why isn’t this a circle?”.  It does start and end with the mission. However, this model makes it clear that our caregivers are our #1 priority.  I want our clients, families, and professional colleagues all to see that our caregiver is our #1 priority. It is our caregiver’s job to have the client be their #1 priority.

We have found this is the most successful way to run a home health care company.

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