Our care managers’ expertise is highly sought after in the local legal community on issues of long-term care. We provide assessments and expert opinions for guardians, POAs, attorneys, and courts on appropriateness of care, cost analysis/budgets, options, and resources. Parties often hire us to oversee and monitor care or do periodic reviews, especially in contentious cases.

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Your Legal Needs for Aging Wisely

Having a proper legal framework is important for aging clients and their caregivers. This includes advanced care planning, financial and estate planning. Advanced care planning enables clients to guide care decisions when they may no longer be able to speak for themselves. This process includes executing legal documents, designating decision makers, planning, and discussing desires with those decision-makers and providers.

Important legal documents for aging wisely include*:

  • Durable Power of Attorney
  • Healthcare Surrogate Designation, Pre-Need Guardian Designation
  • Living Will
  • Will/Trust

Your care manager can help you understand why a solid legal framework is so important and refer you to legal professionals for advice and services. We identify potential planning gaps and resource needs in our assessment. We can refer you to attorneys specialized in Medicaid planning, disability claims, veterans benefits, personal injury, estate planning, family law or whatever your need may be.

Your professional advisors play an important role in your care team, and the care manager serves as a liaison and coordinator as well as a conduit to the best resources.

Make sure you have the right plans in place to age wisely and well.

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