Nutritious and Delicious Meals = Improved Health and Happiness!

Nutrition needs change as we get older. We lose body lean body mass and need more nutrient-dense foods. Our bodies may not be able to digest certain foods as easily. Taste and smell starts to diminish in our 50s so we may find ourselves reaching for the salt shaker or extra-sweet foods more often. The difficulties of preparing meals and the loneliness of eating alone often impact senior nutrition. At a time when we should be getting more nutrients, we may find ourselves turning to snacking, eating high-sodium canned goods, frozen meals or just the occasional carryout meal.

Medications and medical conditions can further affect appetite and digestion. The energy and nutrients we get from food play a vital role in healthy aging. And, of course, good nutrition is even more important when suffering from health issues to help us recover and stay well.

EasyLiving meal preparation services can help with:

  • Developing a meal plan and grocery list; shopping for items and keeping you stocked with tasty and healthy options
  • Cooking delicious tasting meals that you’ll love AND fit your health needs
  • Creating a warm, enticing atmosphere in the home with the smells of cooking and good company to renew your interest in eating real, whole foods
  • Preparing special family recipes or old favorites you haven’t been able to make in a while (and modifying recipes to dietary needs)
  • Cleaning out the fridge/pantry, shopping, stocking items, and preparing food for your return from the hospital or nursing facility

How do EasyLiving’s meal preparation services uniquely benefit you?

  • Caregivers trained in senior nutrition = delicious, nutritious food to support healthy aging and recovery when ill or injured
  • Your personal care plan ensures meals and snacks are prepared according to your dietary needs and preferences=meeting your practical AND emotional needs
  • Caregivers cooking tasty-smelling food in the home and socialization around meals=increased appetite and enjoyment from the eating experience

Our clients, their families and medical providers have seen the results from EasyLiving’s meal prep services! Clients who lacked energy, frequently fell ill or couldn’t heal, or had simply lost interest in anything but ice cream and chips…are now loving their meals and feeling so much better.

Give us a call to find out how valuable EasyLiving’s meal prep services can be in your life!

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