EasyLiving is a Clearwater Home Health Company dedicated to serving the local community.  Our Executive Director, Alex Chamberlain, shares more information about our home care mission and passion for the work we do for senior and their families in Florida.  We have also provided take-away lessons your family can use when hiring home health services or investigating senior care options.

My optimism about EasyLiving has always come from knowing that when we relegate responsibility to our caregivers and give them the right tools and resources, they will exceed expectations every time!

I do not mean to imply that EasyLiving is by any means a perfect place to work or the ideal home care company, somehow above reproach. We have made many mistakes over the years, and we will continue to make them. But we do aim high. And we do have high expectations of ourselves as we try to manage the company through the lens of humanity.

One thing our clients, families and referral sources appreciate is that we are up front and honest.  If we do not acknowledge areas of weakness, we cannot improve.  We put this into practice through our Caregiver Coaching program, in which we regularly meet with caregivers to review strengths, weaknesses, areas for additional training and support.

What are some of the ways we actually put our mission statement into action?  As mentioned, we have a process for ongoing caregiver coaching, but our support for our team starts day one (or before).  In our quality home care post, we reviewed a number of aspects of our process.  We begin with selective recruitment and a specially designed orientation and continue with ongoing training and rewards programs we created.  Additionally, we have invested in technology and systems that allow us to do business more efficiently and keep costs down for clients, while providing a more personalized care experience.

Take away lessons/questions families can ask when selecting senior care providers:

What is your mission?  (Do they even know what it is?  Can they explain what it means and how they actually carry it out?  Is it focused on what you think is important as a consumer?)

What happens if I am not happy with a caregiver, someone makes a mistake, a caregiver is late or does not show up?  (If a company representative says these things never happen, are you getting an honest answer?  Will you be able to get honest answers and solutions, be able to talk to someone in management easily when a problem arises?)

What specific things does the provider do to prepare its employees to care for your loved one?  (A simple background check is not enough.)

Find out about the home health company’s process to ensure quality improvement. (What procedures do they use to support caregivers?  How do they monitor care, get customer feedback, acknowledge mistakes and make changes accordingly?)

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