With a growing elderly population desiring independent options, the need for home caregivers is greater than ever. At EasyLiving, we put all our focus on attracting, supporting and retaining quality caregivers. We find that simple things are often missing that create caregiver job satisfaction. Additionally, it is these simple things which make it hard for the caregiver to do the best job, thus leaving clients unhappy.

One only need look at caregiver’s tweets or brief survey replies to get an idea what they want and need. We hope this proves useful to you if you’re working with a caregiver or considering hiring one.

What Caregivers Want


“It’s great to know I can talk to the office staff about anything. They provide training and answer my questions.”

What caregivers want is to feel supported through the challenges their work might bring. As a client, wouldn’t you also want to know your caregiver has proper training and support? Too often, caregivers are sent into the home with little training or knowledge of the tasks. They may encounter challenges, with no one to turn to for help. Unfortunately, this is when things often go wrong…and clients and caregivers end up in harm’s way.

This is one of the main reasons to consider working with a quality home care company. Ask about their training, care planning and supervision. They should take an active role in supporting your caregiver (and you). 

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Good Working Environment

“You walk into some houses and know it’s going to be rough. They don’t have anything you need. Sometimes it’s even unsafe.”

We all expect a clean, safe work environment. What caregivers want is no different. Imagine going into a workplace that makes you ill because it’s so hot or dirty. Or, you end up being bitten by a dog or getting hurt because of lack of proper equipment.

Beyond basic safety, caregivers need supplies to do their job. Ask the company/caregiver what you need to stock for the home. This is just one of the reasons we implemented initial visits with our supervisor. We can ensure the caregiver is set up to meet the client’s needs.

Instructions (Careplan)

“It’s rewarding to do a good job for the client. The worst is when you don’t know what they want and then they’re unhappy.”

“Every client is different. I appreciate knowing a little about the person, what they need, expect, like.”

A careplan outlines the caregiver’s job duties. Beyond that, a good one can tell them more about the client and his/her expectations. You can’t expect a caregiver to read your mind. What caregivers want is to know what you expect, so they can do it.


“I don’t need praise from the client, but it’s nice to hear thanks. It’s also good to know if there’s something I need to fix.”

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Clear Communication

“When clients have large families, I need one person to communicate with to know they’re on the same page and there’s no confusion.”

Imagine how confusing and overwhelming it can be to communicate with the client and numerous family members. Or, to hear different instructions and feedback from client, family, providers and supervisors. It’s best to outline the communication process up front and have a point person. Have a family or professional “care manager”. Communicate major changes to the caregiver (and company) in advance.

Kindness & Respect

“I’ve had nice clients, difficult clients and some pretty mean ones. I know some are going through a tough time, but I just want some basic respect.”

What caregivers want? The bottom line is respect. Be nice. This person has your (or your loved one’s) personal and household care in their hands. That’s not to be taken lightly. And, it’s not something everyone can do. Though the tasks and situations may be tough, caregivers want to do a good job. They’re willing to deal with those challenges if they receive basic kindness and dignity…just what you expect from them.

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