Home health agencies are regulated by their respective states.  Although there are franchise agencies and large companies providing home health services, they must comply with specific state laws and requirements.

In Florida, the Agency for Healthcare Administration oversees various healthcare entities including any licensed home health agency.  Check out our overview of Florida’s rules about different types of senior home care providers and home health agencies.  Because there are several types of regulated senior home care entities, it is vital that you understand which type of agency you are dealing with in order to compare like services and protections.

You can also view EasyLiving’s home health inspection report and those on all Florida home health agencies in our “Investigating Florida Home Health Agency and Assisted Living Options“.

AHCA has a division specifically for regulating and overseeing the quality of providers such as home health agencies.  Here is their description: “The Division of Health Quality Assurance protects Floridians through oversight of health care providers.  The Division is funded with more than $49 million in state and federal funds.  Health Quality Assurance licenses and/or certifies and regulates 40 different types of health care providers, including hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and home health agencies.  In total, the Division licenses, certifies, regulates or provides exemptions for more than 42,000 providers”.

Confused about the terminology?  Home care agency, Medicare home health, private duty home care??  Read our article unlocking the mystery of home healthcare and senior home care terminology.

Considering hiring an individual privately to provide in-home senior care?  Private individuals do not necessarily fall under state supervision, regulation or disciplinary actions.  Be aware of the potential protections and rights you may be foregoing if you hire a private home care worker.

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