More than 125,000 people die every year from failing to take their medications properly. Nearly a quarter of elders admitted to nursing homes have problems managing their medications. More than half of seniors make an error self-administering medications, often with serious consequences such as hospitalization.

One of the biggest threats to a senior’s continued independence and safety at home is hidden right in those pill bottles. Issues like confusion, falling/fainting, nausea and all types of symptoms may result from interactions, side effects, overmedication or improperly taking medications. Fortunately, trained EasyLiving caregivers can help! Getting medication assistance is one of the best investments you can make towards aging wisely.

Florida’s Agency for Healthcare Administration (AHCA) rules permit caregivers to assist with self-administration of medications by:

  • Taking the medication in its previously dispensed, properly labeled container, from where it is stored and bringing it to the client.
  • In the presence of the client, reading the label, opening the container, removing the prescribed amount of medication from the container, and closing the container.
  • Placing an oral dose in the client’s hand or placing the dosage in another container and helping the client by lifting the container to his or her mouth.
  • Applying topical medications.
  • Returning the medication container to proper storage.
  • Keeping a record of when a client receives assistance with self-administration of medications.

AHCA also limits the ways caregivers can assist with medications These rules help you stay safe, so it’s vital that you work with trained caregivers who understand these rules and how to provide medication assistance. Easy Living creates a detailed care plan for each client, directing your care including your medication routine.

Don’t overlook the importance of proper medication management!

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