To simplify things for our readers, we have pulled together a summary of some of our top senior care resources and articles.  These are the topics senior caregivers most often ask us about and some of the resources we have created with caregiver tips and helpful information.

Communication Challenges/Getting Help

You may see the need for help before your loved one is ready to acknowledge it, so our guest author offers 10 Ways to Convince Your Parents to Get Home Care Assistance. We also address some of the most Frequently Asked Questions about Home Health Care.


It is scary when a loved one is hospitalized and you find yourself in an advocacy role with a lot of questions.  Check out: Managing a Hospital Stay and get our helpful checklists: Preparing for a Hospital Stay (with a packing list) and Discharge Planning Checklist for Families.

The Money Question

Families often tell us they are surprised when they realize Medicare will not cover the types of senior care needed.  For an overview of terminology and programs get our Paying for Care Fact Sheet.  To get a road map for how to budget and pull together resources for senior care, grab a copy of Budgeting for Senior Care.

Helping an Elder Stay Active and Engaged

A lot of families are pleased to learn about Senior Concierge Services and found our Tips for Staying Active helpful.  Senior Transportation Services help ensure seniors who give up driving do not become isolated.

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